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  • Andrew Pritchard

May 15 2015 | Outflow and wildflowers

Not a lot needs to be written out on this one. I left the office early on a Friday afternoon and decided to go play with some pulsing thunderstorms that had developed in southern Champaign County. Wind shear was non-existent on this day so storms quickly went up and then gusted out. While it is always nice to hear the rumble of thunder and feel that spring air rushing out of a storm - in mid-May this isn't really what I am out there for.

Radar shows a small line of fairly weak thunderstorms developing south of Champaign-Urbana. I'd eventually set up just south of Urbana.

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SKYDRAMA | Meteorologist & Atmospheric Photographer Andrew Pritchard

I'm a meteorologist born and raised in the American Midwest passionate about forecasting and observing severe storms.

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