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Slow goin', the drought continues.

Another wonky spring for me in 2015 it seems. The time brackets I have set aside for storm chasing this spring have come and gone without so much as a cloud or a breeze. And then, during the time I've set aside for real life back at home I've watched what must be "every single one of my friends except for me", score photogenic career making tornadoes on the high plains.

I have spent several days "interacting with" several severe storms this spring. Most noteable was the Rochelle, IL tornado day on April 9th 2015. Of course, I was 100 miles south chasing mushy hailers in western Illinois. And then there was the mighty "Shelf Cloud Awareness Day 2015", celebrated state wide on Sunday June 7th as a giant wind bag set up along a cold front completely wasting what was otherwise a perfectly decent short wave.

I'll be free toward the end of this week, and while the high plains look quiet, I see we'll have another boundary stalled out across the midwest with subtle waves running along it. Perhaps some June extreme instability can make some accidents happen.

Here's some stuff that's happened:

Dying thunderstorm near Urbana, IL on June 8th 2015.

Supercell thunderstorm near Monticello, IL on May 30th 2015.

Distant supercell as viewed from near Quincy, IL as it was still across the river in eastern Missouri on April 9th 2015. A large EF4 tornado struck Fairdale/Rochelle on this day further north.

Funnel cloud (dead center) from a storm interacting with an outflow boundary on May 30th 2015. St. Joseph, IL
Gust front overtakes me in Philo, IL on May 30th 2015.
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