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  • Andrew Pritchard

Chicago escape!

With the holidays quickly approaching, Sophie and I decided to escape to Chicago for a couple of days. We found a great deal on a hotel right on the river that came complete with a kitchen, so we were able to hit a Trader Joe's and stock up on food and cut down on dining costs. We'd just binge eat, and then hit the pavement for the day with a backpack of rations.

And naturally, I brought the new camera along...

Candid shot of Sophie waiting to cross Michigan Ave. The weather was great, especially considering what we could have wound up with in Chicago, in December. Minimal wind, and temperatures in the middle 40s.

Drinks at the Signature Lounge, and me dragging out the camera again.

A rare moment in front of the lens.

The Chicago grid.

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SKYDRAMA | Meteorologist & Atmospheric Photographer Andrew Pritchard

I'm a meteorologist born and raised in the American Midwest passionate about forecasting and observing severe storms.

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