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  • Andrew Pritchard

February 24th 2016 | Central Illinois Blizzard

A late-season winter storm blasted portions of central Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, with tornadoes across the southeast. Snow accumulation wasn't all that impressive (4" reported here in Champaign-Urbana) but winds on this end were very strong, sustained at 30-35 mph with gusts to near 50 mph reported across all of central Illinois.

It was a heavy wet snow, so in town where the wind was dampened somewhat conditions weren't all that bad. Stepping out into the open/rural areas was a completely different story however. I ventured out twice, once around 8 AM and then again around 3 PM and both times roads in town were just fine, while out in the open visibility quickly dropped to 1/4 mile with roaring winds.

I shot a bit of video and photos and will let those tell the rest of the story:

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SKYDRAMA | Meteorologist & Atmospheric Photographer Andrew Pritchard

I'm a meteorologist born and raised in the American Midwest passionate about forecasting and observing severe storms.

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