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  • Andrew Pritchard

December 18th | Icy Prairie

While areas to the north saw heavier doses of snow over the weekend, central Illinois and my own Champaign-Urbana locale found ourselves flipping between rain/snow/sleet/freezing rain so frequently that we never really saw much accumulation of any form. We did get a small layer of ice on Saturday, which hung around during the day on Sunday as temperatures plunged below zero.

I'd planned to play around a little bit more with frozen prairie photo ops, but the secondary roads in rural areas were almost completely ice covered. I'd even entertained the idea of, and made preparations to be out into the night shooting astrophotograpy, but given road conditions I ended up shooting the sunset and retreating home. There's plenty more winter for playing around with things like getting stuck in ditches.

These following photos were taken just east of Urbana.

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