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  • Andrew Pritchard

October 7th 2018 | Piatt - Champaign County, IL Tornado Warned Supercell

A stationary boundary slowly began to move north across central Illinois on Sunday October 7th triggering thunderstorms from St. Louis to Chicago, a couple of which began to rotate along I-72 and I-55 from Champaign to St. Louis.

I intercepted a storm that developed near Clinton, IL and followed it northeast into Champaign County. It went through several cycles where it appeared to be close to producing a tornado but a cold, strong RFD undercut and ended every real attempt at tornadogensis.

Still, a very fun late-season storm!

Photos and video:

My first view of the intensifying storm south of Farmer City, IL

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SKYDRAMA | Meteorologist & Atmospheric Photographer Andrew Pritchard

I'm a meteorologist born and raised in the American Midwest passionate about forecasting and observing severe storms.

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