Flooding rains in central Illinois

December 30, 2015

A major storm system, or really a series of two potent storms dumped in excess of 5" of rain over the area from December 26-28. Luckily, the ground is actually not compeltely frozen given the above average temperatures thus far - but there was still nowhere for this water to go after a very wet several weeks.


I originally tried to get to either Villa Grove, or Sidney to get a look at some of the residential flooding that had taken place. But, flooded and blocked roads prevented this, and after a while, you realize struggling and hustling around to take pictures of someone's home under water feels a little crappy. So, I settled for taking a few photos along Hwy 130 between Villa Grove and Philo of some flooded farm fields.




 Rainfall totals courtesy of the NWS in Lincoln, IL


This is a corn field... not a lake.





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