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May 21-23 2007 | Supercells and Tornadoes from North Dakota to Texas

Went back and found an old USB memory stick that had some old weather documents on it. Dug through a bit deeper and found a handful of old digital photos from my 2007 storm chasing trip with Mark Sefried. We followed a meso-low north all the way into North Dakota on May 21st and caught a gorgeous tornado near Glen Ullen, ND. We then woke up on May 22nd in South Dakota and had a drive to western Kansas on our hands. We were out of Pierre, SD by sunrise and trudged through a foggy Nebraska before breaking into a warm and sunny Kansas by lunch time. The day felt like tornadoes all over. After one supercell went up, did its thing, and then shriveled up, a new supercell erupted over Hill City, Kansas. Structure of the year, and of course I had no wide angle lens on me at the time. After chasing the 22nd in Kansas, we again were on the road by sunrise and trudged to the south into Texas and were chasing High Precipitation Supercells in the Texas Panhandle on the evening of the 23rd. From north to south across the country from North Dakota tornadoes on the 21st to HPs in Texas on the 23rd, with Kansas structure tornadoes as a pit-stop in the middle. Here are a few photos from that three day stretch.

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