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  • Andrew Pritchard

May 26th 2017 | Rossville, IL HP Supercell/High winds

Colin and I, along with my brother Wil and wife Sophie intercepted an angry High-Precipitation supercell near Rossville, Illinois.

While it did attempt to produce visible tornadoes early in its life, the storm quickly transitioned to a high-precipitation type storm, with a primary threat of high winds and large hail. The storm did produce at least one brief tornado near Rossville, IL before producing 80-100 mph winds that caused extensive damage in the town of Rossville.

During our chase, our road was closed unexpectedly ending our chase and forcing us to ride out the core of the storm.


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SKYDRAMA | Meteorologist & Atmospheric Photographer Andrew Pritchard

I'm a meteorologist born and raised in the American Midwest passionate about forecasting and observing severe storms.

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